um yeah


amadeus is a general purpose discord bot who i may or may not call my wife.

she was one of the first large-scale projects i've ever done, and has a total of three different repositories, of which the latest is this one.

she does funny stuff like be a general nuisance and polling random apis, but i plan on continuing developing more features into her.

my personal server is a server i put together from an old desktop computer and salvaged and new hard drives.

together they form a server that hosts this website, amadeus, and any other thing i need to be online 24/7.

it runs on arch linux and is gpu capable for sweet sweet neural network training (and anything else i need it for)

t3c is a website i made to read comments from an old now-deleted youtube video.

these comments contain like life stories and 'checkpoints' that people put up there, and it's fun to read through them.

it fetched comments from the google api while the video was still up, but now it runs off an archived one someone else saved.

the source code can be found here, and the live website can be found here.

ticifier is a windows program to add verbal tics automatically as you type, kuma.

it's a silly project that came out of an older auto hotkey script that came out of an even older python script

it has a icon in the system tray with a menu, and gets packaged neatly into an exe so it looks official.

you can find the source code here, and the latest release here

here are a some other projects i've done that i thought were neat

the luka never ends is another discord bot i wrote that would play a song on loop in a voice channel, and keep track of who else joined and for how long. you can find the source for it here

tf2 rpc is a discord rich presence for team fortress two. it was half-made to learn rust, as this was the first project i wrote using it. you can find the source for it here

entity starer is an old (1.17.1) minecraft mod i made that would allow you to stare at entities, and it would automatically track them until they despawned. you can find the source for it here

gulagguard is an old discord bot i made for help with moderating a discord server of a youtuber. it utilized a mysql database, with an option for postgresql, which was way overkill. you can find the source for it here

lagrange is a python program i wrote to visualize lagrange polynomials. it came across these polynomials one day and thought they were so cool i needed to visualize how they worked. you can find it here

password protect tenshi is a old (1.16.1) spigot plugin i wrote with 2 other friends to help protect a minecraft server. it was one of the first cooperative projects i worked on, and it was a lot of fun. you can find her source here